EDMC Energy Trend

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I    Economic Indicators
  (1) National accounts
  (2) Industry indices
  (3) Investments
  (4) Consumption
  (5) Prices
  (6) Labor and employment
  (7) International trade and balance of payments
  (8) Imports of energy
  (9) Production of major products
II   Primary Energy Supply
  (1) Primary energy supply
  (2) Average temperature and cooling and heating degree days
III  Supply and Demand of Electricity
  (1) Electricity generation
  (2) Electricity demand and self generation
  (3) Fuel consumption
  (4) Electricity Supply/Demand in 10 Area
  (5) Nuclear Power Generation
IV   Supply and Demand of Petroleum Products
  (1) Supply and demand of petroleum products  
V    Supply and Demand of Crude Oil, Import and Export of Petroleum Products
  (1) Supply, demand and imports of crude oil
  (2) Imports and exports of petroleum products
VI   City Gas, LNG, Coal and Cokes
  (1) Supply and demand of city gas
  (2) Supply and demand of coal
  (3) Supply and demand of LNG
  (4) Supply and demand of cokes
VII  Renewables
  (1) Power generation capacity approved by the FIT
  (2) Electricity generated by renewables
  (3) Renewable fuel consumption by major manufacturing
VIII Prices of Petroleum Products
  (1) Retail prices of petroleum products
  (2) Retail prices of petroleum products (Tokyo)
  (3) Tank lorry delivered prices of ptroleum products (Tokyo)
  (4) Demestic corperate goods price index of petroleum products
IX   Average Import Prices of Energy
  (1) Average import CIF prices of energy
  (2) Average import CIF prices of energy per calorific value


X    Oil Supply and Demand in the World
  (1) World oil supply and demand
XI   Production of Crude Oil
  (1) Production of crude oil
  (2) Production level and actual production of OPEC / Non-OPEC
XII  Price of Major crude oil
  (1) Price of Major crude oil